Short introduction

Shifting the Lyme Paradigm; the Caretakers' Guide through the Labyrinth is a Priceless e-book. This means everyone can get the information and only the readers who value it and have the money are asked to pay afterwards. 

The intention behind this book is to create understanding for the people around you who have Lyme Disease. It is written for the people close around Lyme patients and is the only book that describes the whole labyrinth of Lyme Disease in easy language. 

Click on the blue button to get your Priceless e-book. Priceless simply means that you read it first and are called on your honor to appreciate it afterwards. In the book you can find out how you can either pay back or forwards. 

At this moment there is no hardcopy. You can however print the pdf in the Download folder, if you want to. 

Shifting the Lyme Paradigm is translated into Dutch: Teken aan de Wand

If you are in doubt if this book is interesting for you, you can read a short introduction of the book in 'Lyme for Laymen'