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Lyme Disease does not exist

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"Nobody doubts the existence of Chronic Lyme or neuro Borreliose", a medical professor plainly told me. Oh, really? As the Dutch comedian Freek de Jonge once said: "We will see about that!" 

“The greatest enemy of discovery is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge.” Daniel J. Boorstin

To check the validity of this professor's bold statement I asked the end users of the self-proclaimed expert system, the Scientific Medical system that is claiming control and omniscience over our health, to confirm this. How little did their doctors doubt the existence of (chronic) Lyme?

These are some of their literal statements, in different countries over the world. Just enough to give you an impression, because the amount of responses I received was far too much for this blogpost. In brackets are the remarks of the people responding or mine with HK. 

I will show the list, before telling you why the following story suddenly came to mind, when the answers came pouring in. A Dutch lady drove into a canal a few years ago. Her GPS told her to "turn right here" and so she did.


Rheumatologist, who could not find any 'normal' arthritis, yelling at me: "There IS NO CHRONIC LYME" (then he chided me for looking up my symptoms on the internet. He never even did the pulse points for fibromyalgia, and diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome) 

Infectious disease doctor in Mortimer Square, asked if he believed in chronic Lyme: "No, I don't. People can be symptomatic, but I don't believe Lyme to be the cause. Lyme is very rare and a short course of antibiotics would suffice as treatment. Regardless of length of illness." 

MD, who knew me really well before and after Lyme Disease:  He yelled at me, pounding his fist down on the desk, "There IS no chronic Lyme Disease" "There is no such thing as chronic Lyme" And the best: "You need to sign up for my cognitive behaviour therapy." (I had already tested positive)

MD, who saw my confirmed Lyme test even according to CDC guidelines and said that it is invalid because my Western Blot was not positive, although I had a reactive western blot the year before. He also wouldn't look at or consider my highly positive iGenix test and said my highly positive Elisa test was falsely positive. (It is so sad that the medical community is so far behind on the facts and reality of this disease. I really wish that in my lifetime I see some major changes within the media, public and medical community about the facts about Lyme)

Infectious disease specialist: "Get a hobby"

USA & Canada

Two ER doctors: "Chronic Lyme does not exist!" (I have a positive serology test results in the same hospital, where I was in the ER yesterday).

Specialist, in response to an ER doctor stating that Lyme is real: “Well, ER doctors don't know their head from their ass!"

Tennessee Board-certified Rheumatologist pounding his fist on his desk in tempo: "There is NO chronic Lyme Disease in Tennessee!" (I replied: "Yes, there IS and I will prove it!" Many subsequent research studies came out supporting my assertion - including the study of monkeys on years of IV antibiotics, who were capable of infecting sterile ticks with the Lyme bacteria "Borrelia burgdorferi" within a week's time)

An experienced senior Consultant specialising in infectious diseases, in a Lyme endemic area: "Most of us feel chronic Lyme does not exist as a medical entity, or if it does, it is rare and does not respond to antibiotics."


The Netherlands & Belgium

MD: "I don't trust these German tests, so it cannot be Lyme." ("fortunately" the Dutch tests are great - not)

MD: “If antibiotics don't help, then it is psychological in combination with some innocent physical complaints." (research has shown that standard antibiotics treatment does not work for 89% of Lyme patients or make matters worse; HK) 

Infectious disease specialist Hovius, Amsterdam Medical Center: "We don't test for co-infections, because they do not exist in the Netherlands." (this is the hospital claiming to be the Dutch Lyme Expertise center; HK)

MD: "It has been 20 years after you had an EM ring. That is too long. Lyme is just a media hype. So it must be a burn-out."

MD: "Now all of a sudden everyone goes to Germany to get tested... While we also have very good tests in Holland!" (known data about test validity is 22 - 45%; HK)

MD: "Lyme does not exist. You are in a negative pain spiral. Cognitive therapy will help."

Specialist: "The Lyme bacteria are only in your blood. But of course that doesn't mean they are in the rest of your body!" (huh?)

MD: "You are just jealous of your death sister and you want to claim attention with your fake disease (my sister died when I was eight and I got infected with Lyme when I was 33. This remark came five years later)

Specialist, after a positive Western Blog test result: “But missus, Lyme is in your blood, but that doesn't bother you.” (I was sent away with the diagnose "hyper ventilation". Shortly before half of my body was suddenly paralyzed, in my car on the freeway. Who would not have hyperventilated after an experience like that? A month later the same doctor suddenly diagnosed me with MS)

Rheumatologist: "Lyme always starts in the knee! So this cannot be Lyme." 

Internist: "Chronic neuro-Borreliose can not exist, after two weeks of intravenious treatment." 

Internist: "I do not believe in chronic Lyme. It is MUS." (= Medically Unexplained Symptoms) 

Neurologist: "Oh, I see in your file that you've been ill for 4,5 years. REJOICE! Because then you cannot have cancer or an infection. Otherwise you would have died already." (have a nice afternoon...)

MD: "Chronic Lyme does not exist" (he heard it at a conference in Rotterdam)

MD, on a street to a kid in a wheelchair who was collecting empty bottles for the Dutch sponsor action Lopen voor Lyme: "But you don't have Lyme! I am a doctor, so I know."

MD: "Lyme is a synonym for hypochondria."

Rehabilitation doctor: “Lyme Disease? We don’t know anything about that. And even if we did, we would not do anything about it. Go to another country!” 

Professor in Neurology: “Lady, Lyme is a hype. If you do not use your (paralyzed) hand, it will not function again. Women just cannot stand pain.”

MD: “Ticks have existed for a long time. People are just complaining more nowadays.”

MD, when asked how he got his information about Lyme: “I never read about diseases.”

Specialist: “Lyme does not exist.”

South Africa

"Lyme Disease does not exist in Africa, because we have no ticks on this continent." (I got infected by a sand flee)


Hospital doctor: "Lyme? No, that does not exist in Europe. People can only get that in Africa." 


Got it? If you want to see an even longer list of similar nonsense doctors told their very ill clients, you can find it in my book. The link is below this post. 

Back to the lady who drove into the Dutch canal. She followed instructions. From a system with big data behind it. Fancy computer systems. Real time updates. Expensive satelites gathering that data. Specialists and experts working on it for impressive salaries. Yet the outcome was still ... well, wet. 

How does that relate to Lyme? Do you know the GIGO principle? It is used in ICT and means "Garbage In, Garbage Out". Apparantly the input of this lady's GPS (called TomTom, which nicely translates to DumbDumb in Dutch) was garbage.

Her result, being led to wherever she wanted to go, was garbage too. Both wet and hilarious for the neighbours. Oh, and a totalled car, which the insurrance didn't cover. 

Why is this GIGO principle relevant to Lyme? Because we believe the output the medical-scientific system spews out to be accurate directional information for our and our loved ones' health. A choice which your health insurance will cover neither. 

A car can be totalled and replaced. Our bodies cannot. Unless you believe in reincarnation, but let's not get sidetracked too much here. 


What is wrong with this group of professionals? Shouldn't they at least be curious to understand what is causing people to remain ill, in case of Lyme on average for twenty to forty years? Why discard blindnes, crippleness, soring pains, fatigue, strokes, heart attacks and so on as "MUS", without even be willing to find out what piece of the puzzle is missing? Like - to mention a minor detail - a cause for these unexplained symptoms? Isn't that what they're paid for? 

We could assume that abilities such as for example honor, empathy, curiousness, communication et cetera are highly relevant skills for any professional. Did this group seems to somehow have lost them during Medical School. Or did they have to undergo brain surgery to get their license? 

How can professionals abuse people like this, call them liars, kill of the competition who does seem to be able to help better (called "alternative" by a relatively young monopoly in the health "market") and basically let people suffer and die, while claiming to know it all? Lyme has been epidemic in the USA for forty years now and it seems even longer in Europe (called Borreliose).

Is there a a professor in Law Philosophy in da house, who would like to write an article with me about the legal implications of this all and create some public havoc? 

Now what?

Oh. Do you want to know what happened to the Dutch lady? She survived, so she could not compete for the Darwin Award. That Award is given to people who die in such stupid ways that they are honored for no longer poluting the human gene pool. You may laugh reading these stories.

My question is, at the completion of this blog post: can we choose wisely who we trust with our health and therefore our lives? So we won't get nominated as well. I doubt if we would laugh then. 

I am grateful to know a few exceptions of caring doctors, in different countries all over the world, who also dare to even risk their licenses to help people dying of Lyme. One of them, an American MD, who is mentioned in my book and is now reading it, stated that "the common treatment of people with chronic Lyme will in time prove to be the most shameful episodes in the history of Medicine, because in fact the Medical science, elements in the government and insurance companies collaborate to deny its existence systematically. This has resulted in needless suffering of many individuals, who deteriorate or even sometimes decease by the lack of timely treatment or by withholding treatments after an arbitrary period of time.”


What's the solution?

Some weird Pavlov reaction of most people is to ask for "the solution", once one challenges a current status quo. The whole point of my work and approach with Lyme is to actually get people out of this mindset of "daddy needs to tell me what to do".

Anyway, the solution is very simple. You get what you measure. So a system measured on treating diseases will produce diseases and treatments. As much as possible. Health is not profitable now.

In the mean time, use your own intuition and make a distinction between trusting and believing. 

At the moment the direction of financing is reversed, things will shift. Once we stop paying when we fall ill, Lyme will be acknowledged and cured in no time.

Since your health is at stake anyway, do you want to bet?

If you don't, at least read Shifting the Lyme Paradigm and get some information to make your own choices. Today, in the Netherlands another parent lost custody over her ill child. Because "Lyme doesn't exist".

Is that her problem? Well, if you have children yourself, you are playing Russian roulette. With five bullets. 

So if you don't make it your problem now, nobody else will when your kid falls ill and you cannot proof it has Lyme. Most doctors will not likely be any help at all, as you could see in this blog post.  


In case you are wondering if I am just selling a book. 

Nope, I made it Priceless. Get it, read it and pay afterwards if you value it and have the means to pay. 



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