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Cancer is now officially cured after two weeks!

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Suppose. You don’t feel well. You ignore it first, pretend to be able to go on with your busy life. It will go away, you think. But it doesn’t. There is even a swelling visible. So you visit your doctor, who sends you to the hospital. The specialists do their tests and you get the diagnose: cancer. 

Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein

Treatment starts while your outlook on life is completely upside down. What about that future you imagined? What about your job or company? Your family? You had a healthy life style and thought positively, so how could this happen to you? 

Fortunately you don’t need to worry about finances or health care. You have paid your insurance fees and the doctors claim their hospital is the nation’s expert center on this specific type of cancer. 

However, after two weeks your treatments and the payment for them stop. Why? Because the international Cancer Guidelines say so: “after two weeks of treatment, any lingering cancer symptoms are imaginary". 

The general response is that doctors don’t believe in cancer, after two weeks of treatment. But one honest doctor tells you that he will lose his job and license, if he actually tries to help you any longer. The fact that he does not speak up, reinforces the groupthink mechanism.

You start doing your own research and find out that these guidelines are drawn up by a profit-driven organisation, that has been proven to be corrupt, fraudulent and has ignored hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific articles which flatly contradict their claim. To no avail, because your doctors will simply label that ‘conspiracy theory’ and ignore it.  

Apart from the fact that the swelling is still growing and you become bed-ridden, this verdict leads to a whole range of new problems. You are suddenly declared ‘fit to work’. You will lose any social benefits, your savings, your house, your friends. 

If you’re a minor, your parents will be charged with “Munchausen by Proxy” and will lose custody over you. They will be blamed for ‘making you ill’ in order to attract attention. Judges will take this nonsense into account as ‘expert evidence’. 

Your friends and family have a deeply rooted faith in the medical system, so they stop paying much attention to you. Instead, they call you lazy, a hypochondriac and a chronic attention seeker. Doctors agree and stuff you full of anti-depressant drugs. Which makes matters worse in 98% of the cases. 

Any natural approach to cure cancer is ridiculed in the media, prohibited by the government or at least not covered by your insurance. The more you research, the more you find that rigged science is used to uphold these policies, which have already been proven to be fraudulent. The research that should have been done, is simply not funded. 

Sounds absurd?

Now you will have a clue why people with Lyme are so upset and why they cry out for help and understanding. Why they commit suicide in alarming numbers. 

They cannot do much themselves. They try to find treatments, to find the money to pay for them, to fight of all kinds of bureaucracy and sociale stereotyping, while they are hardly able to function anymore.

I found it shocking that most of them are even no longer able to read a book; no matter how badly they’d want to. 

For me ‘Lyme’ is much more than just one of the many diseases that go around in our modern times. It is a multi-headed monster; a hidden parasitical disease showing a parasitical system with many faces. With the potential to transform the current medical system into something much more healthy. 

The only thing needed to start this transformation is a collective willingness to engage and to learn. To get Lyme, before you get it. 

I have heard many Lyme patients say, "I wish I had a cancer diagnosis because then I'd be taken seriously and I'd know if my prognosis was positive or grim. It's the limbo that's excruciating and where you lose family, friends and your life."

In 2017 I’ll make a series of short posts on these different yet interrelated topics. Let me know in the comments of my LinkedIn or Facebook post, if you find these posts helpful and what you’d like me to focus on next. 

I do hope this post did not offend cancer patients. One of my best friends is currently dying from it. My intention with this blog post was to show you the absurd medical, social and legal status of Lyme.

I wish you a new year with compassion and understanding.

Huib Kraaijeveld

Author of ‘Shifting the Lyme Paradigm’ and founder of the On Lyme Foundation

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