Wednesday, 11 October 2017 20:04

The lost link between ALS and Lyme disease

Knowledge about emergent diseases normally increases over time. Lyme Disease seems to be an exception to this rule. Claims that governments and scientists made around 1990, seem to have been forgotten. This article explores the lost link between ALS and Lyme. ALS is also known as Motor Neurone Disorder (MND) or as Lou Gehrig's Disease, after the famous Yankee baseball player who died from it in the 1940's. It is still claimed there is no known cause nor cure for it. 
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Sunday, 27 March 2016 11:52

Cruyffs in Lyme Lands

Before I ended up in a wheelchair, I used to play soccer on a semi-professional level. Together with my friend Jan, who inspired me to transform into an athlete. He often called me “Cruyff”, as if I played like him.  
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Saturday, 05 March 2016 17:54

The tyranny of words

"Our goal is to solve the Lyme problem!"  My friend Igor looked satified, when he exclaimed this bold statement. Of course he did. He had just found the fancy words to make the mission statement of my professional birthday party sound really cool. His smile disappeared however, when I said: "I'm not at all interested in solving the Lyme problem". Uhhhhhmmmmmmm...? 

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