The book Shifting the Lyme Paradigm
(2015; 2nd edition)
The book 'Shifting the Lyme Paradigm; how to help a friend on his hero’s journey' is written in English and Dutch. It is available as a 'Priceless' e-book. Download it here.  



Lyme for laymen
In this free introductory e-booklet you will get what Lyme is, what it does, how it shows up and why it can be regarded as a social problem as much as it is a medical challenge. Download it here


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GB01 The miraculous world of the Centre of Extra-Ordinary Performances
In this made-up newspaper article the author paints a future image of what would be possible in France with the Centre of Extra-Ordinary Performances. By putting himself five years in the future, he described in the ‘London Times’ his own ‘inside-out’ image of what would happen there. 


GB02 Survival Techniques for Natural Curiousness
Survival Techniques for Natural Curiousness; and how this leads to less math and a beautiful wife is an introduction to the work and thinking of autodidact Nassim Haramein in the field of Physics, free energy and healing. According to the author, Nassim is one of the most brilliant people of our times. In 2010 he was not (yet) known. Co-authored by Technical University Aeronautics professor dr. ir. Coen Vermeeren. This article has been published in Frontier Magazine.


GB03 On the Relativity of Theory
On the Relativity of Theory and the shape of content is an experiment with language, tone and position, with discussion and dialogue. Its subject is minority perspectives. What to do when you think that the minority version is more likely than the majority variation of the truth? This article has been published in four parts in Frontier Magazine.


GB04 Flashing into the Future; co-authored by Albert Toby
Flashing into the Future presents and explains the finding of subliminal images in several programs on the Dutch TV. It discusses their possible purpose and the way in which they can be used in the manipulation of social perception. This article has been published in Frontier Magazine and in Educare. It has been read by over 100,000 on Internet. 




Secrets of Lyme:
a website containing a series of interviews with Dutch Lyme expert and medical research journalist Désirée Röver


Jacque Fresco's speech
in Eindhoven, the Netherlands (2010)