Most of my work in Lyme lands is not financed. I simply refuse to send invoices to people that are almost fleeing the country with their ill children, who are kicked out of their homes because of inability to keep paying the rent, who need to collect $ 30,000,- to go abroad where they hope to find better treatment and so on.

This work cannot be sustainable without generous people supporting it in a sustainable way. Along my path many friends have already played along - either financially or by co-working. I would like to honor them for their commitment and contribution on the Wall of Gratitude

The White Knight Wall is set up especially for a temporary (very serious) game in which I invite my business network (and theirs) to "save" two Hot Chicks in Lyme Lands, before April 6th, 2016.

Do play along and get both personal fulfilment and publicity for your company in return. 


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