List of gratitude

I would like to thank these people for together being the Mecenas of my work. A Mecenas is a word from the art world, indicating important individual people, who used their wealth and business talents to support a specific artist. My art is to show people a different possible future and to help them to think differently. If you are interested to support my work, you can do so by joining the crowd (soon) 

My friend Steve Ormerod, for helping me make this beautiful website and by putting so much work into the website of the On Lyme Foundation, with all it's multilanguage challenges and the many cyberattacks on it. 

My friend Sakshin de Groot for creating the On Lyme logo and poster as a donation to my work. 

Bestselling author Anodea Judith, for writing such a touching Foreword to my first book.

My friend Cees Hamelink, who was willing to write such a beautiful Epilogue for my first book.

Laura Bruno, who is kindly promoting my book in her blogs for Lyme patients and their caretakers in the USA. 

Bouke Schone, who is a wonderful Supervisor of the On Lyme Foundation. 

My friend Pieter Costerus for donating all the money needed to create the website Secrets of Lyme in two languages. 

My friend Willem Zandbergen, who donated all the money needed to have a notary change our old Meymac foundation into the On Lyme Foundation. 

My friend Jimmi Larsen in Denmark, who financially supported the On Lyme Foundation to keep their website up and running. 

My friend Alrik, who helped me with my branding and with the layout of the 2010 articles about the Center of Extra-Ordinary Performances

My old boss Jules Koster, for spending so much time on thinking about the complex concepts needed to really make things happen

My friends Christel, Pieter and many more, who are always there when I really need a good friend (even when I'm annoying). 

My dear mother Nanny, who pays for the food for my dog Mats and even saves money to have her 'granddaughter' have puppies... 

And my dog Mats for being her happy self and making me smile. 


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