A Different Book On Lyme

Shifting the Lyme Paradigm is a travel guide for friends, addressing the questions how to understand and help best on the hero's journey of Lyme Disease, whether you are a friend, spouse, colleague, employer or a child of someone with Lyme.

If you want to learn more about the disease, its context, your friend’s situation, their experience and your position, this book is the right one for you.

This is a different book about Lyme. It provides you with real life stories of how Lyme can show up.

These are followed by a wide range of uplifting perspectives of what you can do next to medical solutions, how to think differently and how to stay connected on this tough road. This book addresses all the questions you might have as a friend on the hero’s journey of Lyme, even though you may not realize yet that you have them.

At least you will find out that your friends with Lyme are not crazy; and neither are you for taking them seriously. 

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"This book is a gift of truth and passion to humanity. "
Mia Morales, Lyme patient, USA


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"This book perfectly describes the plight of millions of patients, who suffer from chronic Lyme disease in many countries all over the world."

Professor Christian Perronne, PhD, MD, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, France

"Playful, frightening, informative and encouraging."

Merel, kinesiologist, the Netherlands


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"This book is a big eye opener. Both for friends of people with Lyme disease as well as for people with Lyme. Or for any other health issues, for that matter."

Martin Möhrke, medical research leader, Europe

"It’s time to care. Together we can try. Together we can heal the healing system."
Arianne van Kleef, health director, the Netherlands


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"I received the book exactly on the day that I had decided, together with my husband, to end my life. Huh?! Yep. I am 35 years old years and have been ill for 19 years. Now I know why: Lyme. Everyone should read this book!"

Miranda, a very ill and brave lady, the Netherlands