Personal Bio

I was born in 1971 in the Netherlands. Probably before I was born, yet surely before I was three years old, I got infected with Lyme. Since then I have spent over 250,000 hours 'studying' Lyme, which is said to make me an expert on the subject.

I finally discovered I actually had Lyme in 2007 and cured myself. Yet as you can read in my book, it came back again, so my own journey with it continued as well. Now I seem to be rid of the parasites again; as far as one can really be sure of that. 


Professional Bio

I have studied Social Psychology at the University of Amsterdam and got a career in international business education, working both with business and scientific institutions. Next to that I have authored several articles on social perception, the paradoxical effect of international policies and scientific progress, worked with children to help them learn more effortlessly and I had a practice in energy healing work. All these areas of professional expertise now prove useful for my current projects around Lyme.

I left my career to create ripples around the broad, messy and controversial subject of Lyme disease, since I believe that is highly needed. I count myself lucky with the abundance of interesting people I met during my professional life. Many of these friends are now working together with me again.