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DON’T PANIC legenda

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This legenda may be useful or needed to understand the parallel between the car burning article and the absurd thinking surrounding Lyme Disease.

DON’T PANIC = a joke only understood by readers of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, yet much needed in Lyme Land

42 years later (also only understood by readers of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy): it's the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. 

Smoke = the current unreliable testing for Lyme, which misses at least 50% of acute infections and many more persistent ones 

Wind machines = the dictated sole short term treatment, allowed for only an arbitrary time regardless of patient response. It's also the only treatment insurance will cover.  

TUP = MUS (Medically Unexplained Syndrome). This MUS bullshit is a direct reason of why ill children are taken away from their caring parents.

Matches = some undiagnosed mental illness is now apparently supposed to be the cause of ongoing psychical problems for many people, after the ‘smoke machine’ has been turned off. Could also mean ‘ticks’, as many other ways of transmission are ignored or simply denied to exist regardless of scientific proof, such as congenital Lyme transmission from mother to baby.

World Automotive Organisation ICCP codes = World Health Organisation’s incomplete and outdated ICD codes for Lyme 

Moistening vaccin = tick vaccin, patented and now promoted again by the very same people (like Jehovius and Wormtongue) that denied Lyme was a problem anyway. To be able to get this fast-tracked by the FDA (in the 90’s and again in 2017) they needed to limit the case definition with 85%. From the book ‘Cure Unknown’ (p.317): "After a small army of people injured by the LYMErix vaccin and exactly one day after the ultimate whistleblower Donald H. Marks, MD, PhD and former lab director for Pasteur Merieux Connaught (the direct competitor for the Lyme vain in the 90's) testified to the CDC, GKS quietly retracted the vaccin off the market, citing 'poor sales."

Major / minor complaints = the trick that Yale University used to polish up its poor treatment results into ‘successes’.  

BREAK = 2011 PACE trial. See David Tuller’s work to uncover all that chess pool, including with the Exhaust Pipe = the Lancet

GET = GET: a ‘therapy’ suggesting that activity for exhausted or paralysed people helps to “break out of their negative cognitive pain spiral” (or something). If society should become more enlightened at some point, I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of that disorder is found to be caused by a bacterial infection. Such as Lyme.

Dutch WTF = PLEASE & DEFEAT = VICTORY studies. Both limited, yet over-interpreted: ‘there is NO treatment for Lyme’ or ‘Lyme does not exist’.  

Tesla = every health professional that deviates from protocol and has an open, integrated view at complex, multi-systemic diseases such as Lyme. Almost all ‘Teslaeans’ are attacked by medical boards for reasons that they would not bother other doctors with (including a leaking water tap)

Loverboy reference = this week a Dutch girl with an unexplained severe heart condition was told by one of the Lyme doctors that “she probably had been victim of a Loverboy", as her scans were not conclusive. See below. 

The dissection of ‘Fire Treatment Guidelines’ main writer Wormtongue’s publicly funded fake science can be found here. And yes, he did actually ask for a Nobel Prize in Medicine for himself. 

UN Special Rapporteur for the Human Right to Drive Normally = UN Special Rapporteur for the Human Right to Health.  

And the gender bias? A shocking 50% of all people who go to their doctors with complaints that don’t fit well in any existing box, have received a ‘somatic’ diagnose (which is psychiatric in both normal and legal language). Bio-ethics professor and fellow RBCC team member Diane O’Leary kindly provided me with this source. The first criterium for somatisation? “The female gender.” This was found in a publication of 'UpToDate', a members only online clinical decision support resource featuring over 10,000 clinical topics designed to give immediate answers to clinical questions at the point of care.

I've copied the section EPIDEMIOLOGY for you, if you believe this is so crazy I’d had to make it up: "EPIDEMIOLOGY — Somatization is common in the general population. More than 50 percent of patients presenting to outpatient medical clinics with a physical complaint do not have a medical condition [14-17].

Somatization, defined in one study as four or more unexplained physical symptoms in men and six or more unexplained physical symptoms in women, occurred in 17 percent of patients in primary care settings and 4 percent of the general US population [9]. Risk factors for somatization include: ● Female sex"

The inspiration for this blog

Within the last few weeks people have told me that:

The Loverboy suspicion was an actual medical ‘diagnose’ for a heart condition from a Lyme center. 

An Internist refused to do a Lyme test, because it could turn out a ‘false positive’ (while in fact, they turn out 500 more times ‘false negatives’ than HIV tests). If she had done this with possible cancer, she could have gone to jail for serious neglect and lack of informed consent.  

In Belgium a 21 year young girl died from Meningitis, after her GP suggested her a painkiller when she came to him with severe migraines, knee problems and a series of other typical Lyme symptoms. I'm sure that autopsy did no effort finding the Borrelia, eventhough Lyme meningitis is even known to exist by most mainstream doctors.  

A 46 year old Dutch lady received her medical death sentence (ALS) after some flimsy tests, after she lost control of her arm, had sudden dementia and brain fog. She is now making her testimony, while I sent a good friends of her hidden IDSA studies, which showed in 1990 that 70% of all ALS is caused by Lyme. 

Very recently another Dutchman discovered the same, after being tested for four times by the Dutch ‘Car Burning Expert Center'.  

And a young girl publicly announced she wants to end her life because of a ‘touching disease’. WTF indeed. In the Dutch newspaper article I could see the most common signs of Lyme being summed up and I recognise most from my own youth, before I knew that Lyme existed as a possible cause of ‘car fires’: 

What a MUS mess… and how needed are you as travel companions in this organised insanity. Preferrably before your car spontaneously burns into fire as well. Matches may not be the only causative agent of fire.

“On, on, on we go”, as Sam said to Frodo in ‘The Lord of the Rings’. 



Huib Kraaijeveld

Author of “Shifting the Lyme Paradigm", chairman of the On Lyme Foundation and founding member of the Ad Hoc Committee for Health Equity in ICD11 Borelliose Codes

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