On Lyme Foundation

The On Lyme Foundation is an independent international non profit knowledge platform. This Foundation is working to create awareness, understanding and support around the broad topic of Lyme Disease. We do this by addressing the two most urgent needs around Lyme Disease: showing that chronic Lyme does exist, in much larger numbers than is known and enabling caretakers to create temporary support systems in absence of any substantial solutions.

On the On Lyme website a Facewall is designed for this purpose: to show it. It is a simple way for ill people to organize attention for this hidden epidemic. It is also a way to do basic research. So far, the average time it took ill people to get a proper Lyme diagnosis, is over twenty years. On the blog of that same website, you can read numerous personal stories of people with Lyme themselves.


Helping the helpers

The main audience of the activities of the On Lyme Foundation is the caretakers directly around these ill people. We provide knowledge and services to enable:

  1. Self-help: finding and using one's own oxygen mask first
  2. Helping: offering practical, local help to each other
  3. Information: more know more than one alone
  4. Connecting: creating local expert networks
  5. Choice: creating a weighing system to chose best
  6. Organizing: enabling collective action
  7. Leverage: creating real impact

Why this is useful is described in more detail in chapter 14 of the book Shifting the Lyme Paradigm.

On the long term we strive to bring different groups together in order to enable them to create new knowledge.

More info can be found on the On Lyme website