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Hot chicks in Lyme Lands 

Written by Huib, published Tuesday January 26th, 2016

“How come you are always surrounded by hot chicks!?”, a friend asked me. “Welcome to Lyme Lands”, I replied with a wink. “Most of these ladies are very ill. Even though you can hardly see it. Many of them have been in wheelchairs or bed for some twenty years and are in pain constantly. Most are too ill to even read my book. Some cannot talk for longer than two minutes on the phone. Some can hardy breath anymore. Some have irregular spasms. But you are right: there is much beauty in Lyme Lands. Even more than you may see at first glimpse.” My friend grinned, slightly disappointed, and replied: “Oh, they’re all ill…? Well, then at least they cannot run away”.

What do beautiful women have to do with Lyme anyway? 

“Experts” believe that Lyme is invented by highly educated women with an attention deficit. I’ve heard that they call it “conversion”. Well, I find this kind of misknowledge so “funny” that I will focus a future blog post on it. Partly on why believing seems to be part of a doctor’s job description. I thought that was religion’s prerogative?

Why are so many – very beautiful – women ill? 

Although I do like this “tongue in cheek” approach, for me that beauty is what actually fascinates me and keeps me going. A beauty that goes far beyond physical appearances. I actually started writing down my last working week in Lyme Lands, to give you a glance into a world you will most likely know little about.

But it turned into this ode to beauty. Because of the incredible amount of encounters with beautiful women during that week. My friend does have a keen eye on what’s going on. I only noticed after I wrote it down actually.

This is not about the kind of “testosterone squirting out of men’s ears” beauty. It is not about whether “52,8 or 53,2 %” of some preselected research population has a female gender. That is merely about setting up scientific research in such a way that it produces any statistics that suits its makers or financiers. In my book you can discover who I would grant the Nobel Prize for Research Forgery and why.

What’s hot?

Theories on how to predict who is “good” or “bad” are not new. It has been claimed for centuries that the appearance of people – indeed – reflect their inner qualities. My last business partner, who I now fondly nickname “Shelob”, is living proof of that. Shelob is the fat, ugly and nasty spider in the Lord of the Rings, who trying to sting her prey.

In mythology, such a character is called the “watcher at the gate”. He or she or it challenges the hero who wants to proceed to the end goal. It can show up in many shapes. Frustration, a human variation that shows up as “enemies”, challenges. Could Lyme itself be a Watcher at the Gate as Well? So Shelobs are very valuable indeed. But only in aftersight can one see that clearly.

Have you ever wondered why people tend to get attracted to “hunks, studs, chicks and babes” and vote for good-looking president candidates, while retracting from ugly thugs, rapists, terrorists and Watchers at Gates? I do not know and could not care less, actually. It’s much too superficial to classify people like that. What is beauty actually? A symmetrical face? Surgically inflated lips?

Monkeys sure are laughing at us. At least they are in touch with their instincts. What I care about is a far more subtle kind of beauty, which I find all over Lyme Lands.

Types of beauty in Lyme Lands

What is true beauty actually? I see beauty in a group very disabled and neglected people, of which the majority of them is so fed up with caring what other people think of them, that they may be very successful or free Human Beings. Most other people, who consider themselves to be normal, healthy, successful and social (with “what will the neighbors think?” constantly running through their minds) rather seem to be Human Doings.

Might that be why people with (possible) Lyme are so scary to “normal” people and “professional” doctors? Nelson Mandela once used a quote by Marianne Wilkinson: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us”. 

The absurd and sometimes sickening reactions people with Lyme often get might testify to that statement. I even see beauty in the calmness or elegance with which this abuse is taken and in how ill people support each other to stand this modern version of ex-communication.

I see beauty in a (incredibly large) group of people, who had no choice but to become well trained to let go of the collective blind faith that doctors are “saviors”. Who learned to see clearly how arrogant and thus useless most of them are, while focusing on the few good, caring and brave ones. To deal with the fcat that most of their former friends, family members and colleagues distanced themselves or became rather  abusive. How the governments drop them like bricks, while even labeling them as  >criminals.

How they have found their own way towards healing themselves and experimenting on themselves to keep getting better. To learn acceptance, compassion, patience and how to deal with insecurity and fear. That is the kind of a learning and perseverance that most healthy people are willing to pay a lot of money for in self-development courses or sabbatical journeys, isn’t it?

I even see people dying in ways to make sure that someone else might benefit from that sad fact. A recent example is my conversation with (yep, a beautiful model called)  Tamara, who isn’t that scared to die. All she really cares about is bringing her story out somehow in order to help her daughter. A daughter with Lyme symptoms and a potential to get cancer caused by Lyme, just like her mother.

You may watch fiction movies or read books with story lines that include themes such as courage, vulnerability and altruism. I encounter them every day and am grateful for it. They are real. Why? Because all urge to hold up an image, put on a facade or put on a fake social front is long gone.

I see beauty in the quality and amount of sensitive, clairvoyant and clear-minded people. Even despite their concentration problems, inability to read or “brain fog”. Or maybe thanks to these “symptoms”. Lyme might be a spiritual training camp in disguise.

I do increasingly feel that humanity might even come to depend on this group, if we really want to take a next step in spiritual evolution. We may want to become more concerned with saving ourselves first. Which we can do be taking better care of them. The planet will take care of itself.


The call to action

I’ve been told that any successful blog should end with a “call to action”. So here you go.

I can provide you with two Princesses, that need to be “saved”. Doesn’t that fire up the “Knight in the Shiny Armor on a White Horse” part in you? Good, because you can make a huge difference, even with a small amount.

0n April 9, at the Dutch sponsoring and awareness event Walking for Lyme, my left leg will walk for a blond Nordic lady called Adelien. Yes, she is beautiful. Here you can read why I am playing the role of her captain. If you wish her an easier going on her lifelong Pilgrimage, I thank you for sponsoring this left leg.

On that same day, my right leg will walk on that same event for my friend Carla. She is also beautiful.  Here you can read (in Dutch, so use Google translate if you want to understand it) why I am playing the role of her captain. If want to support her ability to bounce up and be creative over and over again, I thank you for sponsoring this right leg.

If you can’t choose, sponsor both my legs with the same amount. Life is easy.

Even though you may not understand Dutch, look around on that event website and discover over seventy beautiful people. Mostly women. All ill.

Cheers and see you in the next blog.


P.S. Edited with the help of – yes, yes, wait for it – two beautiful ladies! My gratefulness borders on Rabies. Also to David Skidmore, for his most fitting image.


drs. Huib Kraaijeveld

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